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I am a city-dwelling marketing professional in Richmond, VA  ̌

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
— The Overlord (Jeff Bezos)
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Once called, “a bit of a wanderer” by a professor,  Micah never strays from trying her hand at a few new things, if only for the purpose of developing perspective. During her wandering Micah has found herself in a variety of roles including  a political intern, a barista, a PR intern (working on the Rolls Royce UK account) and a brand ambassador for moonshine. Most recently she has found herself in ceramics, an interest most likely inspired by the 90’s movie Ghost. Micah’s particular set of skills includes various sleuthing (man on the street, Simmons research, social listening, informational interviews, survey construction), group interrogations (focus groups, in person, phone and online), and unabashed stakeouts of grocery store aisles. She is at her best deep into a conversation that is more energized than the cup of coffee she is most likely holding.  Her recent favorite moments of the past year include leading a project where she designed and created a training website for the division of student affairs and the discovery that the Ziploc bag zips at 50 decibels. While never having a reputation of being very humorous, Micah was most recently quoted saying, “My favorite comedian is myself followed closely by John Mulaney.”  She is an avid devotee of Podcasts (if only to discover impassioned atypical subcultures and unusual information), select 80’s and 90s sitcoms, and Annie’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies.


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