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I am a city-dwelling marketing professional in Richmond, VA  ̌

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
— The Overlord (Jeff Bezos)
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I have a habit of quantifying myself, whether it be through DNA, emotional  quotient score, my strengths, my life values, you name it. I like understanding data this way to build self awareness and seek opportunities I had not seen. It is  a great way to be objective and be aware of what I am blind to. While data gives some amount of context  no amount of data could tell a full story. I practice this mentality of being an avid trespasser into communities in order to discover things and experiences I have never been exposed to, like when I found myself on a caving trip and experienced a new kind of darkness,  or in a drawing class that taught how to see things differently, or  even something as simple as  listening to a podcast on a subject far outside my experience. This wayfinding has allowed me to work in a variety of positions such as conducting an independent study on political messaging in the 2016 election, to working at a boutique hotel and having my ideas adapted into the company culture, and curating a department wide web training for VCU’s Residential Life & Housing Department. While I find myself in many different fields I realize that each experience is apt in informing my next.


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